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Anal Issues

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Dylan has started with his yearly anal gland issues. He had them expressed Sat at the vets office, and now they are still oozing with a small amount of blood. I called the vet back and he said he would start him on Clavamox. I asked about Simplicef and he said it doesn't work as well for anal gland infections. Any thoughts about Clavamov vs Simplicef?

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One thing that may help is to have the discharge cultured to see which bug is affecting him. Another thing that has been extremely helpful is to have the glands infused with an ointment like Animax. IMO the better choice of antibiotic would be clavamox.

Another thought is to start him on an antihistamine to prevent a reoccurrence -there is a theory that anal gland secretion can be associated with allergies-kinda makes sense here being the flairs seem seasonal related.

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