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Toe Troubles

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My big fellow Hester has a minor toe issue. He has always been a bit splayed (3 years of at the track will do that to a guy), but recently I notice his front left outside toe was sticking out to the side further than usual. Upon closer inspection I notice the toe wasn't as "knuckled up" as the others or like the outside toe on his right foot. Watching him walk from the side he almost looks flat footed: the second knuckle flatens down and the last section of toe with the nail hinges up as his foot rolls through the stride.


I have examined the toe, twisted it, flexed it in every direction and he seems totally fine with it. No swelling, or dislocation. Am I correct that this is something to ignore? (He sure looks a bit nerdy with his wonky toe.)




Weighted (he is rolled to the inside which exagerates things a bit)



Unweighted and looking pretty normal



Sideshot, normal looking :



Sorry couldn't do a weighted sideshot as he is down now after a long walk.



(To complicate matters he has been limping for a few days - definitely protecting his left front leg. But I don't think the toe is the cause. I believe he has a shoulder injury of some sort incurred during a run. I was able to elicit a pain response when probing deeply where the omotransverse meets the left deltoid. He limps first thing in the morning and when he begins moving but it gets less as he warms up. Still goes up and down stairs without complaint so I assume he is not in too much pain. He is 7.5 years old BTW.)

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