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Hemangioma - How To Treat?

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Soleil's hemangiomas usually start out looking like a little bruise or a small blood blister. Since he scrapes himself up routinely it is hard to know if those are injuries or something else. Usually are still small when those either just go away or open up, bleed, scab over, scab falls off, spot reappears & cycle starts again. The first few times I took him to the vet. Each time the spot had almost resolved by the day of appt. Vet normally just numbs the spot a bit & burns remainder off. Sol seemed unphased & he's a whiner about anything uncomfortable. One was biopsied & was an hemangioma. To date, any spot that was removed by vet has not returned.


My vet & I have a policy now about Sol's many hemangiomas. If I see one I keep an eye on it for a week or so. If it doesn't go away or gets bigger then we'll remove it & send it off. Otherwise I leave it alone & let it go away. It's not something I get worried about but also not something I want to play around with too much. Sol is white with a splattering of bitty, dark brindle spots. He roaches a lot & love to sun bath. I think hemangiomas are his fate but I don't want to miss something that could turn out to be more than that. So I've accepted that some money will be wasted in the process.

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My question to you---how do you know it's a hemangioma vs dermal hemangiosarcoma?


Ditto. Both can have the same clinical appearance. The only way to distinguish between the 2 is to remove it and send it off. That said, if it is very small and doesn't grow, it's more likely to be a hemangioma. One of my greyhounds had one that was about 5-6 mm in diameter, and I didn't remove it until a couple years after I'd first noticed it. Did the surgery when she was under for a dental cleaning anyway, and sent it off to confirm that it was a hemangioma. My other greyhound has a similar, but even smaller, spot that is only about 2 mm diameter and looks like a tiny blood blister. I've just been watching it, and it hasn't changed in over a year.

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I assumed it was just a hemangioma because it appeared so quickly and looked to be nothing more than a scab sitting on top of the skin. It didn't seem to involve the tissue underneath to any extent. Also it appeared more like hemangiomas than hemangiosarcomas in the photo comparison I saw..


The scab fell off a couple of days ago and sure enough the skin underneath looks perfect. No bleeding. Only evidence that there was anything is a tiny spot where the blood must have come from to form the scab in the first place. I'll watch it for any changes but I don't anticipate any.

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