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Hypothyroidism And Tooth Abscess?

Guest chestersmom

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Guest chestersmom

My 9 1/2 year old dog recently had a tooth removed due to an abscessed tooth. Prior to his extraction, a pre-op blood test revealed wonderful results except for his thyroid panel. The doctor stated that the results for his T4 read at <0.5 with a range of 0.8-3.5 and his Free T4 resulted in 5 with a range of 8-40. I have researched the topic of hypothyroidism in greyhounds and need help understanding my dogs results. My doctor wants to put him on soloxine but I'm afraid of jumping into long-term medication until I know it is needed. I just don't feel that my vet knows greyhounds that well. I have read that one should not put a greyhound on any thyroid med. unless it has a number of noticeable symptoms and should not rely on test results alone. The only symptom I notice is dry flaky skin. His behavior has not changed;, playful, alert, eats fine, socializes with both people and other dogs etc...


As for the abscessed tooth, he recovered well from the extraction (I was a wreck during the entire process-nervous about the anestesia). Now four weeks later the gum line/ tooth on the other side of his mouth is swollen. I brought him back to the vet ( a different fill-in vet b/c my regular vet is at a conference for two weeks). The fill-in vet basically said she did not know what was causing it and to bring him to a dog dentist b/c perhaps it is another abscessed tooth. I am beside myself. The doctor stated that maybe this could be related to the hypothyroidism issue and my dog's immune system. What? I left the vet with meds for inflammation and antibiotics for the possible infection. It has only been four days and the lump/bump is a little smaller.


I just don't know what to do! I am so afraid that my dog will need to have another tooth extracted. I am afraid to put him under anestesia again in such a short amount of time. I really feel like I dodged a bullet last time. Please help. I love my dog so much but I am so worried. Thank you.

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Maybe someone here can recommend a good vet in your area?


To diagnose hypothyroidism in a greyhound, you want a fT4ed (free T4 by equilibrium dialysis -- not by any other method) and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). The other tests aren't adequate, especially for a dog who has had some stress and other illness lately (the abscessed tooth and surgery). Other illness can mess with the test results for thyroid function. fT4ed + TSH help distinguish between "screwed-up test" or "other illness" and genuine hypothyroidism.


If he doesn't have any symptoms of hypothyroidism, I wouldn't bother to get those extra tests and I wouldn't put him on soloxine. A tooth abscess isn't related to hypothyroidism and your dog's immune system -- I wouldn't go back to that vet. A tooth abscess results from bacteria.


Hugs and best luck with your pupper.

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Here's a good article about diagnosing hypothyroidism in greyhounds to print out for your vets:


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