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Joey Says Hi

Guest sweetiesmum

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Guest sweetiesmum

Been some changes I see. Very nice, as ever.


Sorry to slip in like this, this is actually Greystoked but I'm sure that membership has cancelled long ago and the name moved on.


Sorry also to barge in like this after so long but we may be computerless soon (when you have to build computers from spare bits, eventually you run out of bits,) so I have to make myself do this now.


I didn't mean to be away so long, I know a few GTers are interested in how Joey Cozy Toes* is getting on, and at first it was, "Ah, got some greyt pics and vids but he does something even more incredibly cute/funny/adorable with each passing week! I'll wait 'til the end of the month..."


And then his Gotcha Day came and went, and I couldn't do it because Christmas was upon us, with cold Winter, and the shock and loss of losing one of our few remaining friends to cancer. She was the one who came to say final good-byes to Sweetie when he suddenly took ill and passed. The one who helped us through that, the one who came to greet Joey in his first days home with us.


And here I go again, wordily off-topic.


The Meat:


I'd have to say that Joey is very happy here, has always adored my Mary, and has even grown somewhat fond of me, my biggest worry. There's been much roaching going on, and he is delighted at having not only his very own big comfy bed that he can 'nest' in if the urge takes him, but a human bed of like comfyness where the human pillows are placed kitty-corner during the day so he can rest his weary dog head.


It's funny, we had to physically lift him in the car when he come home from that very nice foster family down in Connecticut, now he adores going for rides. Even to the vets, whom he has also come to like, as he knows such a ride is followed by walkies in a favoriye path. Sorry, arms & fingers fading out. Wait... still got speel-check here, right? Never mind.


Joey also has come to love walks around the neighborhood, he has made me take every single day, including the day I was doubled over and had to shuffle, just one block, took a fair while. Not today, though. Anyway, we live near a small river and during Summer he likes to go and bury himself in the sand and snooze and watch the boats go by. Even out on the river, people smile when they see him.


Sorry, can't do much more, bringing us to some hilarious things this hound does:


Of course we've had much roaching, something Sweetie never did, but Joey often drapes his tail over one of the hind legs.


Speaking of drapeing tails and rides, we have a hillt, curvy beach road near the Nobska lighthouse... one day I cracked Mary up by calling out "Hang on with your tail, hound!" as she turned to see that he had, in fact, draped his tail over the back seat and was holding on.


But the funniest seems to relate to his dislike of hot weather. He must have hated racing in Florida, he really likes the cold. That big storm that caught NY? Yes, he had to have a walk in it. The Nor'Easter the following weekend? And the weekend after that? Must. Go. Walkies. Snow? Ice? Wind? He loves it. Well, ice, not so much.


When it's really hot, he will dig a great big hole in the moist, dark earth right under a rosey bush. Just like a dog. But then, he settles himself in and proceeds to scoop the freshly-turned earth back over his belly and hindquarters until he's half-buried! Just the tip of a tail poking out of a dog-shaped mound of dirt. Oh, I wish I could get the video of that for you to see! It's a first for me.


So he seems pretty happy, and is doing well. He does seem to have a very delicate digestion, Dr. Beth can't figure out why, but it manifests primarily as loss of appetite with accompanying gurgling; he tends to want to munch grass, and it resolves itself by day's end, when he then wants a meal and some milk bones. It certainly doesn't affect his delight in (and insistance upon), a walk around the place. and he has little interest in human foods (except cheese, of course...), won't take treats from strangers, doesn't counter-surf or dumpster-dive. He has to sniff every pee-mail 'attachment' (i.e., poo pile), but he doesn't eat any. He is a guts-eater, though, or would be if my shout hadn't made him snap his head around so fast said guts went flying out of his mouth and across the lawn. I don't know whose guts, looked like squirrel, probably the victim of a neighborhood cat. Oh, he looked delighted and well-prepared to yum that down.


What a hound.


I know this is poor fare. It can't begin to express the feelings when you've lost a beloved hound, decided you must help again (because it's a two-way street, oh yes,) and found whatever you wish to call it has brought you toghther with a hound even sweeter and more loving than the sweetest, most loving hound you'd ever known before.


I still miss Sweetie. He picked me. He helped me to try harder to be just a little better. He got me to actually learn a thing or two about dogs. And people. He helped me, _us_, more than I can say.


Joey is more than anyone could hope for. We, Mary and I, were very fortunate, and again I must thank everyone who helped us.






*Primary nickname, as he has very cozy toes...

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Thanks for the update! Glad Joey and you found each other. You know, IMO Sweetie probably sent you Joey-no wonder it was another match made in heaven. Sweetie picked him just for you. Keep in touch. Hugs to Joey! That is funny how he buries half of himself with just his tail sticking out. Maybe some day you can get a picture of it.

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It's greyt that you two and Joey are getting along so well. It sounds like he doesn't know he's not an "earth" dog.


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, Nutmeg, and Jeter

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