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Jeff's Uveitis - Possible Fibrin Strand

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Jeff was diagnosed with uveitis toward the end of March. He was initially on atropine and tobradex, then only tobradex daily, and finally this last week, tobradex every other day. He had a couple of rechecks early in April and each time the vet thought he was improving and that the uveitis was resolving.


Jeff had a recheck on Wednesday of this week with a different vet than the one who had been treating him (original vet out of town). She thought the eye didn't look right, but hadn't seen its before state so wasn't sure what to make of what she was seeing. She took a photo and sent it to other vets for an opinion.


Today she received a response saying "The lesion you describe may be a fibrin strand or possibly some pigment shed from the iris. It is hard to tell for sure from the photo but it could mean the uveitis has not really resolved. A slit lamp exam would be very helpful in this case."


I have an appointment booked with an opthamologist this coming Wednesday, and am to return to daily Tobradex in the meantime.


A quick google search on "fibrin strand" yielded material that was mostly over my head, but none of it sounded at all good.


We did do a tick panel when all this started, and the only thing it came back positive for was babesia, which is not linked with uveitis from what I was told. Did a PCR and the consensus is that Jeff was probably exposed at some point, but is not infected. Certainly he shows no sign of any illness, other than with his eye.


I am very anxious for this appointment on May 1 afternoon, and in the meantime wanted to reach out to folks here for experiences / thoughts about how this is unfolding.


Thank you!

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Guest IrskasMom

I would be very interrested of the Vet Visit Outcome . My Morty supposed to had Uvitis last Year . It never totaly resolved and maybe there is an underlying other Cause for this. Please keep us Updated on Jeff. Please give that Boy some Hugs from me.

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My grey/whippet mix had a long bout with uveitis many years ago, difficult to resolve. Diagnosis from vet opthalmologist was, "idiopathic" uveitis. It was later discovered Keeva was hypothyroid, once treated, the uveitis never returned. Prior to diagnosis of hypothyroid we did a lot of testing for various things which I cannot remember anymore, nothing else was found. Good luck with your dog, hope the opthalmologist can give you some answers.

Linda, Keeva and Jack

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We saw a veterinary opthamologist today. While he felt there was nothing obviously sinister going on, he agreed that the uveitis is not resolved. He said in some dogs it becomes chronic, and they need drops forever, just not Tobradex which has a steroid, but something anti-inflamatory only.


Because Jeff eats anything and everything on the ground unless on a leash walk (bark, sticks, peat moss, bunny poop, you name it) I agreed to have a fairly wide-ranging test panel done that includes a number of parasites and fungal diseases.


I will post when those results are back. We have a recheck with the opthamologist in about 3 weeks. Meanwhile supposed to continue the Tobradex daily.

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