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Frozen Apple Slices To Clean Teeth?

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Guest Eyeblaura

Enzo loves apples. He's been know to steal them off the table and eat them core and all. Don't know how well they'd clean teeth though they aren't that hard.

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Guest Doggone

So far, I haven't found a fruit or a vegetable that Autumn will eat :(. She'll go for any type of meat- or cheese-flavored food, but the rest has to be "doggie" stuff. I'll keep trying (next experiment will be raw turkey necks........but that's because she won't let me brush her teeth.......but I know to just buy ONE to try, just in case.....;) ).

The plus is that she's indifferent to much of what I'm eating :D.

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Guest blueberri

You could put some peanut butter on the apple slice? Makes a good snack for da hoomans, and whets the appetite for the pupster.


I wouldn't think it would have the scourability needed to get the gunge off the teeth, unless they were pearly white already, in which case this "tip" is redundant.

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Yep, apples give Bella the runs, too :( I learned the hard way when I put some applesauce in her Kongs one week. My own applesauce, no sugar, no seasonings, just apple mush, really.

Dave (GLS DeviousDavid) - 6/27/18
Gracie (AMF Saying Grace) - 10/21/12
Bella (KT Britta) - 4/29/05 to 2/13/20



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