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Bu is 6yo. I got him at 2. Soon after I got him he started limping horribly on his right hind leg. Vet found nothing major wrong so I limited his exercise and he was fine in a few days. We are positive he had an injury to that hip before his retirement (based on symptoms and me meeting his trainer and asking him months later). Every so often it acts up if he has a good run after a time with out one. He also occasionally limps on his front legs (very minor, very occasionally). We haven't done x rays, but my very diagnosed him with arthritis in his shoulders. I have 2 questions 1. If I want to take him for a good run or hike, what should I do to help prevent lameness for the next few days? It's not as big a deal in the summer because I bring the dogs out hiking and running a few days a week usually, but in the winter it's not as often so hes more likely to be lame. 2. I put him on dosequin plus about 6 weeks ago to try to help him long term. Is there anything else I can give him or a better product that will help more?



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I had a very similar situation with my last one, Angel. She was abandoned and adopted at 4 and had a difficult shoulder joint injury which appeared on X-Ray to be like a tiny crack that had healed not smoothly enough. The vet said surgery didn't look like an option but long-term Metacam, used sensibly at acute times, would give her good quality of life. He was right and she made it to 14 before that injury and kidney failure (probably hastened by Metacam and Meloxicam) signalled that it was time to let her go. She turned out to be a really nice happy heart dog too.



Doseage of Metacam was kept at 50% of the recommended level except for the few days of the month in which she needed the full dose for a dog of her size. I'm sure this kept kidney failure back as she lived her last 18 months with CRF. Without Metacam I doubt if she would have had good quality of life and wouldn't have made it to even 10. I also gave her Glucosamine and Chrondroitin - initially via pedigree chew sticks which gave her the big D, but later as tablets.

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Bu's hip isn't that bad. It really only bothers him if he over does out, so it's pretty predictable, but I still want him to be a dog so I'm not going to stop him unless necessary. I'm really hoping for some stretching/warn up ideas. I think at this point medicam is more than he needs.

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