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Adequan Injections

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Brady is 11.5 years old. He came to live with me at the end of August. He has classic hind end weakness and some damage from a dog bite in his previous life that damaged the muscle, nerve and tendon/ligament from his spine down his hind leg. He is very slow to get up and is gimpy, but improves with walking.


My vet recommends I start Adequan injections on him. She feels that he would derive more benefit than through acupuncture. We are to start the injections Friday - the first one at the office and then I will do the rest.


I would love to hear all experiences, good or bad. He is such a sweetie that I want to do what is best for him that would keep him comfortable and active. The weather will be turning and dampness is an issue for him.


Also, where did you get your script filled? What size dosages were you using? Brady now weighs a whopping 62 pounds! (I cannot tell you how much work went into getting his weight up, so this is exciting.)


Bring it on!




Cindy and Brady


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My old girl had adequan injections for her hind end weakness. Her's was caused by spinal issues. The first injection was a huge help, much improvement. As it started to wear off, she got another that seemed less effective, but by then her acupuncture had started working, so she wasn't as bad off. We may not have been giving them often enough (I think now) My vet only did it at my suggestion, so the oversight was al on me :( All the shots were done at the vets, so I can't tell you the dosage. I would definitely give it a try!

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Badger has LSS and arthritis, and he started getting Adequan injections this summer. He's 8. After the initial loading, we were doing them every 4 weeks. That worked for a few months, and after review with our vet, we are now doing them every 3 weeks. He's also on carprofen/rimadyl and is doing pretty well. We started with intramuscular injections but switched to subcutaneous. He is a major screamer, and it's a lot easier on him this way.


I had been buying the Adequan directly from my vet and having them do the injections. But when the vet suggest that it would be a lot cheaper elsewhere and he'd be happy to transfer the Rx, I shopped around. Badger is about 80 lbs, so he gets 1.6 ml per dose. The vials are 5 ml so it's 3 doses for him per vial. I just ordered from 1800petmeds.com on Sunday, so I haven't received the first order yet.


I did the last 2 injections myself, and it's no problem. DH distracts him by rubbing his face, I gather up the skin around his shoulders, and it takes about 15 seconds. No screaming! ;P


All the best to Brady! Hope you find what works for him, and for you!

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Guest bigbrindlebunny

Hiya Cindy! As you suspect, I know bupkis on the subject. I'm just giving your post a bump up on the H&M page. A doggie with complications due to a cut on his penis at the Groomer is getting most of the H&M focus.

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Guest crazy4greys

My boy Phoenix had LS, back in 2004/2005. He got chiropractic adjustments as well as Adequan injections that were given by the vet. For him it worked well. He got them every month until he passed. He was more comfortable and a few times he ran in the back yard which he had not done in months. I say give it a try. I hope it works! Good luck!

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One of my horses gets an 'Adequan-like' product called IChON and we dose exactly like Adequan.


Adequan's "recommended dosage" for equines is one vial every 4 days, for a month.

Repeat in 6 months.


Obviously your vet will advise you how to proceed with Brady, but you could ask his opinion on the IChON.

I know many vets here are recommending it instead of the Adequan in horses.



The equine protocol has changed from two or three years ago. You used to give the Adequan on the above schedule as a 'loading dose', then a vial every month for 'maintenance'.


Up here Adequan is $75++ per vial....very pricey to give to horses on a regular basis.

IChON is half that, but it still adds up.

There is no prescription needed for the IChON, so I get it shipped up from Allivet in the US at considerable savings.


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Pal had LS that we managed for over four years with multiple modalities. This final year, he had been receiving acupuncture about every two weeks but when the car ride became too much for him, our A/P vet suggested that we start with Adequan, which I could give at home. Pal responded really well to it until about the last month of his life. After his initial injection, he had one every week for three weeks, and then every two weeks. We tried stretching it to three weeks but he couldn't go that long. He was getting 1.2ml. I buy it in 5ml bottles online from DrsFoster&Smith, I think they have the best price.


Brady is lucky to have you, Cindy. Good luck, I hope the Adequan will help your sweet boy.

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Guest peacehound

Peace has been on Adequan for over a year. After the loading dose, I believe it was 2 shots a week for a month, her maintenance scheduled is 4 to 5 weeks depending on how she seems to be doing. It has really changed her quality of life, before Adequan she limped so much that she would hold her leg up and try to walk..so many xrays and trying different things with our vet who suggested that OSU might help, they are the ones who put her on the injections..I have been pleased good luck

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