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Another Puncture Wound Question!

Guest Norzy

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Hello all!


Once again, I'm in need of advice from seasoned grey owners! Oliver went out potty tonight and came back with a paw just gushing blood! It was terrifying! I cleaned up the wound and it looks to be a tiny puncture wound located between the toe pads and the metacarpal pad. I rinsed the paw with warm water and cleaned the area with cotton pads and betadine, and the wound looked to have stopped bleeding.



Should a 2 mm hole bleed SO much?? Should I be worried?

How likely is the wound to get infected? Should I call the vet?

The wound has stopped bleeding but should I bandage the foot?


Please share any other advice that comes to mind!


Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!

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Sounds like she nicked a vessel hence the bleeding. Doesn't sound like an emergency but, I would sure keep an eye on it-punctures can be more damaging than they appear on the surface.

Maybe you should have your vet take a peek at it on Monday-you might want to wrap it until then to keep it clean and to prevent your Oliver from licking the wound.

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Poor Oliver. We've had several puncture wounds arise around here. At our house as long as the bleeding stops this would not be an emergency & probably would generate no vet visit. I'd like to suggest soaking the paw a couple times a day in a solution of warm water & Betadine. Approx 1 part Betadine to 10 parts water has been suggested by a couple of vets when we've had puncture wounds. Soak for about 10 mins then dry the area well. Keep it clean with either a baby soak or boot. Usually, if it was no longer bleeding & the dog wasn't licking it I just left the foot uncovered in the house & just put on a boot, baggie or plastic wrap for outdoor trips. If it is weepy or the dog is worrying at it then I leave a baby sock on in the house. With wound care it is not likely to become infected. If you notice any redness, swelling, ooziness or the dog just keeps pestering it then I would make a trip to the vet.


Hope Oliver feels OK & things heal quickly.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

Frank fell once when he was jumping in the car, he was OK but nicked his hock on the driveway. He was gushing blood; I was putting pressure on the wound right there in the driveway, getting a bandage on to try and stop the bleeding so we could rush him to the e vet when I realized it was a tiny cut. Once I got the bleeding slowed and saw the very minor cut, I felt silly but very relieved. Gene carried him in the house and a little first aid and cookies, he was good as new. I am not one to scare/get squeamish easy, either!

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