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Odd Pain Behavior From Ace

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I am completely puzzled here...


It started Tuesday morning when we got up for the day. She got up and it seemed to me that she'd cramped her right rear thigh. When I tried to rub it for her, she screamed and wouldn't let me touch her (she IS a tad dramatic). So, I let her walk it off and she seemed to get better, she was using the leg, but tentatively.


I know sometimes I've cramped my leg and it will hurt for DAYS, so, I have just been watching her. The outer toe on this foot was injured a REALLY long time ago and has always sat kind of funny. It has never bothered her at all (in fact I didn't even notice it had been injured until it had been a while). So, I've started wondering if it's that toe.


Problem is, any time I make any move to touch her body on her right side below her rib cage, she has a fit and tries to get away.


She is able to jump up onto my bed without a problem, and she seems most bothered when she first gets up after she's been laying down for a while. She will still walk with that leg, but treats it gingerly. Once she's been up and moving around, it gets better. I have been trying to keep her quiet as far as running by putting her in the small pen instead of letting her out in the yard where she can run, but she clearly WANTS to run, so it doesn't hurt THAT bad, apparently.


I'm just very puzzled and so far I've been unable to isolate where the pain/strange sensation is originating from. A couple of days ago she did allow me to squeeze her femur and did not react with pain, but since then she just plain won't let me touch her.


It's hard to know how much of it is that she is feeling something vs. she's scared if I touch her it'll hurt again too...she's just always been this way - very averse to being messed with :rolleyes: I certainly don't want to make her upset so I've just been trying not to bug her too much.


Anybody ever have anything like this happen?

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I haven't seen this, but that she is worse when she first stands and then "walks it out", makes me think soft tissue injury. I certainly hope it isn't a more difficult injury to treat.


Ace - stop being a DQ and let your mom look at your leg! Oh yeah, and feel better real soon!

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