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Lucky Going Home-Update 1, 86, 105, 118, 127, 136

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I brought Lucky in on Tuesday for his annual and mentioned his was marking a lot in the house. I thought he had an UTI. I used a vet that is 5 mins to my house since Lucky get hyperthermic and stressed so I thought a closer vet would be the right thing (less time in the car to stree, my vet is 25+ mins away). Plus this vet does the exam in the room so I would be there to comfort him.


Vet recommended urinary ultra sound so did that yesterday. She saw a mass on his spleen so did a full adbomin U/S. She thought she saw something on prostate but the final report that I saw today said it was ok. She said kidney's and liver were fine. Final report stated node on liver.


I decided on surgery and scheduled it for next Tuesday with my vet that is a longer drive. He is awesome with surgery so I knew I would have him do it.


Fast forward- he was just not doing well and I knew something was really wrong. I had gone home at 11 to check on him. He had not eaten since yesterday morning, very lethargic, bloated, gums white, temp 103 and just laid there. By 1pm, I decided to leave work and take him to the closer vet because my vet is out of town. I did talk to him and he told me to get a PCV. The closer vet was booked but said they would "work" us in. He could tell he had fluid so took a sample and it was blood. He said he only had hours so I had to do surgery. I asked for a chest xray. I was sure he would have lung mets and well, Lucky wouldn't have a chance.


The lungs are CLEAR! So I ran him home, fed the other pups and then got back in the car. The emergency vet is 30 minutes away and I had to go during rush hour. blah.

Got here, they checked us in quickly. This is the same clinic that I used for Thunder and the staff is awesome! I didn't wait long and talked to the vet. She went over my options. She said I made the right decision to bring him in or he would have died.


They took him back to prep for surgery. The surgion talked to me, can't remember a word he said. They showed me the est, I don't care, just let me sign it so they can start. They said it will take about 20 mins. They will keep me informed the entire time.


The tech has already come out to tell me that he's doing great. They sediated him and he is calm.


So he should be done in about half an hour.


He could use a ton of prayers. They gave him a 50-50 chance.



update Sat morning

I can't believe he's alive. I am so lucky! The surgeon told me it was good I had not waited any longer or he would have died.

He said the surgery went as well as can be expected.

He could not take off what was on his liver but he wasn't too worried.

Prostate was clear- :yay

He took out the mass and spleen.

Biopsy results will be back middle of the week. So I still need lots of prayers.

I think there is a 75% chance it's HSA.

The surgery gave him 3 more months if it is.


I did get to see him last night. I sat in the kennel for over an hour. He was pretty worked up. They did NOT have him sediated which I wish they would have. It was very loud back there. 2 dogs were pretty much screaming off and on. Lucky does not do well with noises. I got him to lay down after I had been in the kennel with him for 5 mins. He totally calmed down and laid his head on my lap. He was still panting and breathing heavy. I could hear him whining as well. I felt so bad but glad I could make him feel a little better. I left at 10pm. I had to get home to my other pups plus the kennel was not comfortable at all for my back. I honestly would have stayed all night if I had someone to be with my pups.


The staff at the emergency vet are awesome. This is the same location that had Thunder. They were wonderful the 3 days he was there. In fact, I was talking to his ICU tech and recognized his voice from when I called every 3 hours to check on Thunder. He remembered Thunder and said he was so sweet. They were totally cool with me hanging out in the kennel with Lucky. They just worked around me, checking his vitals. He had a IV with fentenal (sp?) and they put a patch on him as well. He will start rimadyl this morning. I'm already checking my pharmacy stash at home to see what I have and what I'll have to go pick up, drug-wise.


I called at 4am and he was doing fine. They had him outside a few times. I did beg that they used a fenced area with him instead of just walked out back. No idea if they listened to me or not. Trust me, I know my dog and I don't need him spooking outside and taking off on them.


The doc is supposed to call me around 10am. If I don't hear from him, no news is good news but I can always check in. I am going to call in a bit to find out what drugs he will be on and when I can bring him home. I need to get my livingroom organized for Lucky. He won't be able to do stairs for a few weeks so we will all have to sleep in the livingroom.


2 of my awesome friends came and sat with me during the surgery. One brought me dinner and the other pretty much kept me calm. My mom came and also went back to see Lucky.


Thanks for the prayers. He still needs them. They said recovery is quick, just a few days so that's great news.


I still can't believe how quicky everything happened. He did not have any symptoms except marking a ton in the house. I never would have known if I had not done the U/S and he would have bled out and died.


Update #2 Sat

The Doc just called. Said he's doing great, temp is good, blood pressure is normal. BUT he his heart rate is increased. So he's concerned. Gave me 2 options- send him home tonight and hope he doesn't keel over or treat it and keep him there a few more days. He said the treatment might or might not work. I asked if they can try it and see if he responds and if he does, then keep treating him. If he doesn't then I guess I will bring him home and hope for the best.

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Good luck Lucky! Hang in their Kari.

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I hope he's OK.

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:hope Keep us posted, Kari.

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Lots of prayers. Wish I could be right there to keep you company.

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