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Just Moved To Al - Natural Tick Repellants?

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I just moved from Cincinnati to Gulf Shores, AL a few weeks ago with my four greys, Raider, Marilyn, Ceeby, and Wendy. We live on the bay and there are a lot of woods, lagoons, swamps, near the house. I found three ticks on the dogs in the last couple days. One had already fed and dropped off - not good! Guess I should have figured that tick season may be all year around here. I hate to do Frontline every month. Marilyn has had vestibular syndrome and still has a residual head tilt. She will be 12 in March. Anyone have any luck with the Pennyroyal, Rose Geranium, or Lavender? Suzanne

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Welcome to Alabama (from a displaced Alabamian)! I have a cousin in Gulf Shores and an aunt in Foley. I'm so jealous!!! Sorry about the ticks - hope you find something that works.



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Essential oils are good.

I also like Neem Spray - all natural and helps with fleas and ticks.

Having healthy dogs, with strong immune systems, also keep those nasty things at bay.

Petting them daily, checking the toes, behind the ears, the tail area, the neck and just picking them off works well too.


Greyhound Gang has info - LEARN, Medical, Fleas & Ticks.

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I've used a product called Botanical Solutions Tick Guard. I've used in in conjunction with Frontline, but I like the fact that it is all natural and chemical free.

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I know this isn't natural, but I've been really happy with the Preventic collar.

Me too! Preventic collars were recommended to me by a GT'er a couple of years ago and they work great!!

You can buy them thru 1 800 petmeds.com

We had a horrible tick epidemic in FL a couple of years ago and once I bought those for our hounds, the ticks were gone. I didn't think they'd work but I am a big believer in them now.

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Thanks everyone. Claudia, I will try Neem. Went for a walk today and Wendy must have stepped into a nest. I was halfway home and looked at her legs and there were dozens of ticks. My big black boy, Ceeby, is 10 and is sensitive to a lot of products. I usually used Heartgard and one time I tried Advantix III (think it was III) and he had neurological problems with his back legs and had trouble walking for two days. Marilyn is rather fragile after her vestibular incident five months or so ago. I am ready to go back to Ohio (a displaced Ohioian). The pups have enjoyed watching the dolphins and the pelicans. Wendy wants one for dinner - I can tell.

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