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Daisy has been diagnosed with SLO. It affected almost all of her nails. They sent them in for biopsy. This all happened when my husband and I were away for 4 weeks for his surgery at Mayo Clinic. She was at her foster Moms and I think she was stressed. They ended up removing all the nails under anesthesia which only took about 20 mins. She is on Clindamyacin and Tramadol. It's been 9 days and she seems to be doing well. A scab will fall off and it will start to bleed, but steptic powder works great. I've been researching this and a lot of folks say tetracycline and niacinamide protocol. Any suggestions? Can doxycycline be used instead of tetracycline? I noticed before we left that 2 of her nails looked weird. I had no idea it would turn out to be this. I'm nursing a sick husband and dog..

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Others can chime in about medications and treatment. This PawFlex product might be useless to you. There's a greyhound story on their website:

http://www.pawflex.com/?p=615 Don't hesitate to call them if you have a question about which product to use and what size.


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Wizard who is 6 yrs old, was diagnosed with SLO 2 months ago, by a vet dermatologist. Prior to his diagnosis he lost three toe nails. Two of the nails bled so bad we had to take him to the e vet, because it was late at night when our vet was closed. The dermatologist has him on 2 doxycylcline 100mg twice a day, 1 vitamin E 400iu twice a day, 1 fish oil capsule 1000mg once a day, rimadyl if needed for pain. The dermatologist visits (2 so far) were $500.00 each, which VPI insurance won't cover because SLO is an inherited hereditary disease. So needless to say our vet will be monitoring him from now on. The dermatologist said he would have to take this medication for the rest of his life. About a month ago he started licking his left front paw, I ordered some special greyhound socks to cover his foot so he can't lick it. he has a small ulcerated area on his foreleg. The dermatologist said this might be related to SLO, and put him on another antibiotic in addition to what he is on, for a secondary infection. Wizard is seeing our regular vet on tuesday, so we'll see what she has to say. By the way Wizard has not lost a toe nail since he has been on all this medication. I hope everything goes well with Daisy.


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The website Scout's mom mentioned has a lot of good info: http://www.grassmere-animal-hospital.com/SLO.htm


Will echo what TBhounds said as well. We used EFAs (Omega 3 fatty acid fish oil) & vit E initially when the first loose nail occurred. Then added niacinamide & tetracycline (could have used doxy). Will add that we started with an NSAID for the inflammation, holding pred in reserve but recognizing it as a possibility if the NSAID wasn't enough. My girl is one who had a good deal of inflammation at the nail bed & a lot of resulting pain. She could barely walk at points. Even her appetite was diminished. Actually my girl started the protocol before even loosing a nail specifically because pain was her first symptom. It started in a toe she had previously injured with resulting chronic problems. However, the only problem the vet could find was a possibly loose nail. Within a day the nail was pulling away from the quick. Vet prescribed vit E & EFAs as a just in case as we both feared SLO. I then noticed some oddities about a couple other nails & sent close up pics to vet. Vet suggested I add niacinamide as well & we started the NSAID for pain & inflammation. By the time the first nail was falling off others were starting to pull away from the quick & we added both tetracycline for SLO. We also used gabapentin & tramadol for pain. I am not kidding when I say my girl's pain was severe.


The regimen worked. Though my girl did loose all 18 of her nails as a result of the initial damage we managed to prevent, so far, a relapse. Since that first episode last year she has lost only one nail. It is on that grows oddly now & had gotten a bit long. That's totally my fault for not keeping it shorter. It seems to have snagged on something.


I do suspect stress to be part of the trigger but stress alone I do not believe caused this. It merely exacerbated things. For my girl we did better leaving her nails alone. She was more painful with a nail being removed. We also had a lot less bleeding if the nails fell off on their own. Though part way through the process the nails were not entirely falling of on their own. We watched my girl pull a few of her own nails... then eat them. Ick!


Good luck. Hope you get this under control quickly & can prevent relapse.


... VPI insurance won't cover because SLO is an inherited hereditary disease.

That's a rip off!



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The EFAs you really want to supplement with are the omega-3s. With your typical 1000 mg fish oil capsules which usually has 300 mg of EPA/DHA, your target dose is a 1000 mg capsule per 10 lbs. So your average female greyhound would probably need around 6 capsules daily. You can also go with more concentrated fish oil capsules and just calculate the equivalent EPA/DHA content, which is what really matters, not the total mg of fish oil.


Dogs don't benefit as much from ALA supplementation as they are not very effective at converting it to EPA and DHA. And while GLA may have some anti-inflammatory effects, it is questionable whether there much benefit to supplementing with omega-6s. Most commercial diets contain more than enough omega-6 FAs, and our goal is to increase the proportion of omega-3. Personally, I'd just stick with adding fish oil.

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