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Nail/foot Drag Update In 1St Post

Guest FinnsMom

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Guest FinnsMom



After the limp not improving, but not getting any worse we took him to the vet tonight. Since there is nothing visible to see and the limp is so sporadic we opted for x-rays to see if there was anything to see.


We now know why Finn's racing career ended, he had a break. The break was above the bend in his foot, it was a double break about 2 inches and there is a bit of arthritis around that area. I started him on glucosamine a few weeks ago since he was an athlete and now after seeing his x-rays I'm glad I did.


So no corns, and nothing neurological, we have old break and a bit of arthritis.




Tomorrow we will have had Finn for two months. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a slight limp on his right back leg, it's not constant just once in a while. I would really watch him while out on our walks and while walking on the pavement is when he would slow down and limp, but if he would move over to the grass he would speed up and the limp wouldn't be there, so right away I thought, great, he's developing a corn. Now the last few days while walking I have heard his toenail drag (a couple times each walk) on the sidewalk and then when I turn to watch him walk he will have a slight limp, then when he moves over to the grass (which he does on his own) he doesn't limp. He was fine until we started to increase the distance of our walks, which is why my initial thought was a corn forming, but now with the nail dragging I'm not so sure.


Any advice on whether to wait it out and see if it's a corn developing or is this a vet visit, which I have to find a new vet because right now Finn is the only greyhound they have ever had in their clinic and I've already had an argument with them about the papers that were given to me when I adopted him. I also wondered if a trip to a doggie chiropractor might help.

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I saw something similiar with Peggy after she had surgery around her back 'knee' in January.

This could be from an old tendon/ligament injury where it is not always at the correct tension or getting the right feedback. I would restrict vigorous exercize (no zoomies or hard runs) for a week and also give Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The vet may need to take a good look at things and rule out degenerative neuropathy and cruciciate issues as well. If there is inflammation the vet may give drugs to calm it down. Of course it may be a corn.

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There's a vet in Barrie that a bunch of us take our greys to, you might want to try it. Allandale is the name. I haven't heard any complaints about it from any of the grey owners. After the vet has ruled out vet-treatable stuff... there is a chiropractor south of you who treats Summer, Ellie and Camp Greyhound's dogs. Probably more greys from our greyhound group, too! If your dog is a GRA-dog, there is a listing of chiropractors on the forum -- look up June Dies-Keyes in Newmarket. Feel free to PM me for phone numbers or whatever, too.


Lisa B.

My beautiful Summer - to her forever home May 1, 2010 Summer

Certified therapy dog team with St. John Ambulance

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There are a few things you can try but I'd definitely watch for improvement or regression very closely.


If you curl the foot over, will Finn immediately bring it back upright and stand on his foot properly?


How is the rest of his gait? See anything that just doesn't look right?


It could also be that he has a sensitive pad - was he fostered / walked on pavement a lot prior to adoption? Built up enough toughness on his pads to accommodate the distance you are taking him?


So, it could be a few things but something is making him carry this leg lower than the others, hence the nail drag. If its muscular, acupuncture can help. But I would first try to figure out if he is in pain and if so, where. Then you can work on a plan. I personally wouldn't run to the vet right away but if it's still there in a week or if it gets worse, I'd take him in. Just my 2 cents.


Hope Ffinn feels better soon.

Doe's Bruciebaby Doe's Bumper


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Guest FinnsMom

I just did the curling of his toes and he was fine. When I let go of his foot he walked away no problem.


I have manipulated his leg from his thigh to his toes and he's never pulled away or shown any sign of pain. When lying down I've squeezed (not hard) and pushed on his pads to see if he pulled away and he just laid there and went to sleep. I can literally do anything to him and he lets me, I've never had a dog like this before. LOL


He was never fostered. He came off the hauler and was in the kennel only a week before we brought him home so the first experience with pavement walking has been with us. I initially kept his walks short, maybe 5-10 minutes, then increased the distance and now we are up to about 30-40 minutes with lots of stops for sniffs but a lot of the distance is on grass.


The only time I notice a limp in the house is if he's been laying down for a long time but once he stretches and walks a bit it's gone.


I started adding Glucosamine to his breakfast about a week or so ago.


Thanks Lisa, I should have taken Finn right to Allendale from the start but thought I'd try the vet where I took my cat after we moved here. Yes Finn is a GRA dog and I found a couple chiropractors from the list that are actually here in Barrie, not that Newmarket is that far.

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Guest grey_dreams

Zuki was hypothyroid, and one of the symptoms he had before he started taking medicine was that he dragged his back foot a little bit so that the nails would scrape on the pavement while walking. Mostly just the back right foot. When the thyroid was controlled, that symptom disappeared, and when we backed down on the medicine to find the lowest effective dosage, the symptom returned. It was an unusual symptom, so just wanted to mention that in this thread.

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