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Low Lymphocyte Count - Not Greyhound

Guest kellybrown

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Guest kellybrown

Anyone have any dealings with this? Had Elvis back to the vet today because his limping is not any better and it is now on both back legs. He definitely does not feel right. Once he lays down, he doesn't want to get up. I took him to work with me on Wednesday and he slept all day and sometimes would just lay there and shiver. I was going to take him with me yesterday, but he didn't want to go. Just layed on his bed. Usually the sound of my car keys set him off. He runs to the door barking and jumping up and down wanting to go. When we got home today, he wouldn't jump out of my car. Scott had to pick him up and set him down. They did bloodwork to rule out any tick diseases, even though I haven't found any this year. Several things were flagged. His lymphocytes are low and his ALP was high. I think this has something to do with the Liver. The vet wanted to do more research. So now I'm a little freaked. Do I have another dog with cancer? He was at the emergency vet 2 weeks ago with what they thought was a pinched nerve in the neck. That seems all better and my vet felt the neck pain and limping aren't related.


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