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Can Tranexamic Acid Be Used In Greyhounds Instead Of Amicar?

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I'm just curious.


I had a major bleeding problem this past spring, and was given tranexamic acid (brand name Lysteda) to control it. It worked like magic for the seven days in a month I was allowed to use it, and then, of course, the bleeding came back until I had surgery to fix the cause.


I see that a lot of people seem to have trouble getting Amicar when they need it. There's a thread about that now. Lysteda seems to be commonly stocked at pharmacies. Could it be used instead?


I know a greyhound isn't a person, and we can take drugs they can't. I found a couple online articles about tranexamic acid use in dogs, but they're written in "scientist" and my eyes glazed over when I tried to read them! I'm hoping someone here can dumb things down for me. :flip

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Someone asked Dr. Couto this on a vet forum, and his response was that he started using Amicar because that's what he was familiar with, and that there isn't much data on tranexamic acid use in dogs. I imagine if Amicar becomes unavailable, we'll have to switch, but for now, I think most vets prefer to stick with what we've had experience with.

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