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Bug-Phobic Greyhound

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I finally made the big move from Ohio to Gulf Shores, AL with my four greyhounds. We are living on Mobile Bay. The greys are adjusting really well and love the weather and being right on the water. So many new sights and smells. But my big black boy, Ceeby, who just turned 10 is bug-phobic - especially hates flies with a passion. He looks at each new fly like it is some kind of new alien that is getting ready to cart him away. I heard of a bug coat that someone makes, but can't remember who makes them. Anyone know? The flies aren't bad now, but wait until spring and summer when the yellow flies arrive. Ceeby prays for wind every day now I am sure. Or else he just doesn't go out much. I am getting really good at killing flies now.


Suzanne, Raider, Ceeby (CC), Marilyn and Wendy

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Ceeby has these big stand up ears and when he sees a fly, he gets all panicky and starts racing around. A huge moth was in the bedroom last week and he got pretty goofy, but didn't seem to mind it so bad. Yellow flies are a type of fly that come in the spring and summer and are aggressive. When they bite, they leave a big welt on you. They go for blood and zoom in much faster than mosquitoes. They are my least favorite insect. I believe they are just in the south. We live close to marshes and swamps. Lots of red ants here too. I was out with the dogs one night and didn't realize I was standing on one until too late.


Someone told me the name of the bug coat maker. Knew I should have written it down. Maybe it will come to me.

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