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Advantage Multi And Frontline Tritak


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Beth, one of them is due to take Advantage Multi in 4 days and the other in 8 days. Since it is the one with the heart worm meds in it, is it OK to go beyond that time frame and give it to them two weeks from today?


Sorry about calling you Beth. Guess I should read better!!

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You wouldn't be the first! I wouldn't go more than a couple of days beyond with heartworm meds. A few times I've shifted dates over a couple of months -- like, give it in a week from now this month, then move it out gradually. I really doubt that it's an issue if there is less than two weeks separating the meds -- 1st/15th (when I do it) is partly just easy to remember. But I'm not an expert so if you really want to be sure ask your vet.

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