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Raw And Kibble - Switching Back To Kibble Temporarily

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Hello All,


My boy has sucessfully made the switch to a complete raw diet. However he will have to spend a week with another family and I am not sure they will be able to handle the raw feeding. He was always OK on kibble. Is there anything to be concerned about switching back to kibble for a week?



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Nope... :) You may want to start adding it in a bit before you send him off. I have very tolerant friends and family who will feed anything I give them, but if not, I just make up some baggies of "easy to add" toppers (e.g gound or chopped meat) to stir into a kibble (my pups won't really eat it plain so I have to, you may not!).

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When I was doing partial raw and Bu stayed with my parents, I made up the meals and put them in tupperware that went straight into the freezer and they took 2 out every day to thaw and had no problems. Bu are it straight out of the tupperware so my parents just had to pop the top and stick it in the dishwasher after. Would the family be willing to do that?

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