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Pain, Cancer, And Pain Meds

Guest GreyChick

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Guest GreyChick

Awhile back I posted about my Greyhound Bow having thyroid cancer. Long story short I took her to OSU, had it removed, and started chemo. By the way some fabulous people on Greytalk helped me get through it so again thank you!! They were concerned about a spot in her lungs and how vascular the tumor was but she was happy, not in pain, and on doing well on chemo. Per the doctors suggestion while we went on vacation we stopped the chemo and she had some stomach trouble after that so was off chemo for a while. Then about a month ago we did xrays, ran blood work all which looked "good" where they had always been. And two weeks ago we started her back on chemo. About a week ago she became just not herself, crying a lot, shaking constantly despite putting a sweater on her. We had been seeking treatment for a red watery eye and it is not getting better and her ear on the same side also seems painful to the touch.


Finally, last night she was shaking and crying nonstop so we took her to the emergency vet ( I hate to say but I am not a huge fav of this vet. The vet techs there are awesome. But we have been there three previous times two before her cancer DX with "mysterious pain" all which I believe were tied to the cancer. And they never told us anything helpful. Per this E vets advice the first time we went she told us she had a heart condition and would eventually die from it. After spending a ton to see a specilist we found her heart was fine except for a abnormal heart rythm. Also none of the OSU doctors seemed to find any heart problems when she was getting her workup for surgery. And she still tried to tell me that heart condition was her history last night! But I digress...) They did a corneal staining, tonometry pressure eye test, and ear cytology none which were remarkable. The vet said maybe it was a tumor pressing from behind the left side of her head there although she didn't feel any difference. She said we should probably go back to OSU and have a CT scan to find out. I guess here lies my problem I live rather far away and don't really trust this vet but Bow is in pain. And my Vet is off for a few weeks with surgery there is a new Vet in her practice who came from OSU who I have an appointment with Tuesday that I am hoping I could see tomorrow. Before I consider running off to OSU I would like to see a Vet I trust. I'm so very worried and have a bad feeling about all this. What do you guys think?


My other major concern right now is her pain medication. Last night they gave her an injection 2mg/ml of Hydromorphone and Tramadol HCL pills 50mg to give every eight hours. She got the injection at about 10pm and the tramadol at 6am. She is still really really out of it I think from the injection. When awake she just stares and whines. She won't eat or drink anything and has only pottied once since last night. This doesn't seem normal and I don't know what to do. Call the EVet back? Call OSU emergency and see what they think? I'm worried she is having a bad reaction, which she has had to injectable meds in the past. But maybe it's just going to take a little longer to wear off for her??? I hate to spend 300 dollars for nothing yet again.


Sorry this is long, sorry about the runon sentences and any spelling errors. And as always I appreciate any help or advice.

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Sounds like she's having a reaction to the hydromorphone. Many greyhounds do not do well with opiate pain meds. Unfortunately, there's not much to do except wait it out. Hopefully she'll begin to come out of it soon. You should definitely not let her be given opiates again.


No thoughts on the ear pain though - it sounds like it could be related to her cancer, but I have no experience other than with osteo.

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I would email Dr Kellogg at OSU and get her in the loop. You can email her today as she does check her email.


Christine Kellogg(christine.kellogg@cvm.osu.edu) EditContact.gifRemoveContact.png

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