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Bloody Stool

Guest BeakerBoy

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Guest BeakerBoy

Over the last two days, some of Beaker's stools have had a red tint to them and I'm trying to figure out if it's blood or not. I've never seen this in him before, but over the last few weeks, he's had some other issues. He had a blowout at my friend's house while I was on vacation and then another at my house about a week after I returned. The vet put him on metronidazole and ID food and he seemed to be doing just fine. Then he was diagnosed with uveitis in his eyes and had to go on pred drops. We just finished those on Friday and he seems to have recovered just fine from that. The stools with the red tint started on Friday afternoon, but they've been inconsistent. He pooped two different times on Saturday morning (about five hours apart) and they looked totally normal, but then his afternoon poop had the red tint to some of it. I just took him out a little while ago this morning and I couldn't see the poop well (still dark out on our walk!), but it seemed to have a bit of red as well. This poop was also very loose. Any thoughts on if what I'm seeing is blood and, if so, what might be causing it? His stool was tested when he went to the vet after that first blowout (about five weeks ago) and it was negative. He's also still acting totally normal, so no weird/different behaviors.


Thanks for the help!

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