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Raw Feeder/osteo Survivor


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Ben was diagnosed with osteo in his hip in January. We did chemo and bone builder, tried the oral chemo. He did amazingly well through everything except the oral chemo. His last xrays showed he grew new bone and will go back for more xrays just to check in a month or so. We took him off everything in September and we now have our happy Ben back. Greeting us at the door, playing, running a little (very supervised), enjoying life with the sparkle back in his eyes we haven't seen since last year. Priceless.


We were thinking about slowly introducing him back to raw food. For years our pups have been getting kibble in the morning and raw at night and Ben did love it. I'm just not sure with all the chemo if his immune system is back to normal.


Normally I would ask his oncologist but she's moved and the new one at the hospital we've never met. I don't know if he approves of raw feeding.


Thought I'd ask first the real experts here. :)


Any thoughts?

Alice (missing 12/7/05), Wonder and Ben


And our beloved Bridge Kids... Inky, Maui, Murphy, Ragamuffin, Della and Natalie

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Unfortunately I don't think there is a yes or no answer here. I have read both sides...some people swear by raw for cancer, especially since it is low carbs/higher in protein and fat. Other people say to never feed any raw to a dog whose immune system may be out of whack. People will argue strongly both ways. I think the general rule is not to feed it to a dog who is actually undergoing chemotherapy (cooked would be great though!), but afterwards, when they have recovered, a lot of people do. Personally, I would think (human grade) fresh beef would be okay to start with since many humans can even eat this lightly seared and very rare. Dr. Ogilvie is a vet who specializes in cancer...he has a pretty simple cooked diet recipe.

http://www.vetoncolo...Cancer Diet.pdf


Also, I have books by both Lew Olson and Monica Segal that have raw and cooked cancer diets. I can PM you some recipes if you ever need them. :)

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