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Greyhound Acupuncture - Results Video

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Posting this video of Bumper in the hopes it may help others decide if acupuncture could be a beneficial tool in your arsenal of medical treatments options.



4 months after adopting Bumper, he had what was concluded to be an auto-immune attack on his spine. We almost lost him as the vets could neither control his pain nor the swelling in his lower spine. An MRI revealed nothing obvious, and once on steroids, the swelling subsided, but the nerve damage remained.


Fast forward 4.5 years to today and Bumper has lived with his limitations - namely some lack of coordination in his hind end, fecal challenges (not incontinence, but not far from it), over compensation by his front legs which has led to muscular imbalances, tightness, and general soreness.


Add to it a broken toe last November and you are getting the picture of a dog who faces more challenges every day than most dogs will see in a lifetime.



About 4 months ago, we tried acupuncture in an effort to improve Bumper's mobility and we saw an immediate improvement. He started with 1 session per week for 4 weeks and then we stretched it to 1 every 2 then 4, where we are currently. He is getting some electro stimulation on the needles as well as some range of motion stretching. He has arthritis in his broken toe and takes a 1/2 dose for his weight of Metacam (Meloxicam) daily.



I made a passing comment to our vet tonight about how Bumper is now running in the yard all by himself. He has always chased (tried to) the other dogs so that isn't new, but running on his own has only occurred in the last month or so.


I showed the video below to our vet tonight, who was amazed by his progress. So much so, that she was so emotionally happy for him that she couldn't stop grinning! She proclaimed very firmly "THAT is one HAPPY dog!" And it was then I was struck by the true progress Bumper has made. The gradual nature of improvement is such that we don't notice everything. But to someone who has never seen him run or be that HAPPY, it was huge.


So, in hopes this may help others, or at least leave you with visual proof, that at least for Bumper, we have remarkable improvement. The 'fishtailing' and funkiness in his hind legs is as a result of the nerve damage from 4 years ago. We cringe when he gets too close to the fence and just pray he knows what he is doing. Good job, Bumper!! We love you to pieces!



Doe's Bruciebaby Doe's Bumper


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Yay for Bumper! Accupuncture helped Dante a lot, too. Firm believer!


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Guest undergreysspell

I agree, that IS one happy dog! Thanks for the video -I always wondered if acupuncture was really worthwhile - now I won't hesitate if my dogs should need it :-)

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He IS happy! :)


We did acupuncture for Jim, and then Jack, and I'm convinced it helps a lot with pain relief! Our only problem is that the nearest veterinary acupuncturist is over an hour away on bumpy roads which isn't great for transporting a very arthritic dog who feels every bump. Having said that, sometimes it's worth it.


Have you tried hydrotherapy for him, too? Sid suffers from that same tightness and over-development of front-end musculature due to being a tripod for more than half his life, and he cramps up easily. Swimming helps a LOT with that.


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