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Buckeyes For Greyhounds, Vet Student Group At Osu

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I couldn't decide where to post this, so I will post it here and in Everything Else Greyhound:


I just thought that some folks might like to know about a new veterinary student group at the Ohio State University. One of the students had a great idea and decided to start a group supporting the greyhounds that come into the OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Program (GHWP).


A little history: The GHWP is a program started and run by Dr. Guillermo Couto. It is not funded by OSU. They receive all of their funding from donations and grants. The GHWP is responsible for many things. These include: providing free chemotherapy drugs to retired racing greyhounds, responding to health questions through their web-based consultation service, research into greyhound health issues, outreach to the Wheeling, West Virginia track, and free care to hounds injured at the Wheeling track if the owners sign the dogs over to the GHWP.


The student group, Buckeye's for Greyhounds, has already been involved with caring for three hounds from the Wheeling track. They have provided foster care in addition to following their cases while at the hospital.


Apparently, the first two years of vet school has very little clinical experience. Most of the time, the students are in classrooms and don't get any hands on experience. They are very eager to see real patients.


Here's the really exciting thing to me: At the first ever meeting of this new group, they had so many students show up that it was standing room only -- and the meeting was held in one of their large lecture halls!!!! So these 100 or more students will be exposed to greyhounds before they are exposed to many other breeds. They will start learning actual real clinical "stuff" early in their education. They have Dr. Couto and Dr. Christine Kellogg as their faculty advisors. They will receive greyhound specific information during their meetings and also as part of their "following" of the greyhound cases that come into the GHWP. What a great thing for the greyhound community. In addition to OSU vet students getting greyhound education while they are doing their oncology rotation (Dr. Couto also runs the oncology department so he makes sure that students get greyhound info during their oncology rotation), they can choose to receive even more information and hands on care of greyhounds. A win-win for everyone.


Here is a link to the GHWP:





And a link to the Facebook page of Buckeye's for Greyhounds:





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