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Nb Duck & Potato


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Yes...both dogs have had soft poop recently! Typically they go "solid"....They did both have hookworms, I was attributing it to that. after 2 wormings and Flagyl, both are going much softer than normal.. I wonder if they changed something. The IG eats the small bites and the grey eats the regular.

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The duck was too rich for mine. I switched to the fish and/or venison.


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Greyhound Gang has info about treating diarrhea or soft poops naturally.

Learn, Medical, Diarrhea

I use slippery elm gel whenever there is an issue successfully.


Prozyme, and other digestive enymes, can also help.


As you're aware, what goes in, comes out. Some dogs are very sensitive to the grains and other 'filler's in kibble.

If feeding kibble, try to get a higher quality, no grain. Raw feeding really does help.

Food allergies in greyhounds is a real thing. Info on Gang's site.


I like this web site - Dog Food Project - for all things nutrition.

Claudia & Greyhound Gang
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Guest team_tonio

Anyone having poop problems recently? I'm off to do some research....


Wondering if you found any insight? I switched my boy from the fish to the venison and -wow!- what a difference!! His poos weren't bad before but inconsistent at best and now they're re a-mayyyy-zing!:D

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I'm actually in the process of switching my two from Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream to Natural Balance Duck & Potato & they have had amazing poops!

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