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Euthanasia; Question For A Friend

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Hello. I am asking this question on behalf of q good friend named Nancy.


Her hound Mazy is bing sent to the bridge tomorrow due to osteo :cry1 Mazy has lived another greyhound names Max for a very long time. Nancy is undecided as to whether it be best for Max, Mazy or both for Max to be present during the vet appointment. She wants Mazy to b comfortable and was wondering if it would help Max to mourn if he was present.


Thank you, and please keep Mazy, Max, Nancy and the rat of the family in your thoughts.

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We do not have the other hounds present for this event. It is hard enought on us. We do believe in bringing them another greyhound within a few days.


Then God sent the Greyhound to live among man and remember. And when the Day comes,

God will call the Greyhound to give Testament, and God will pass judgment on man.

(Persian Proverb)

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Poodle and Rex were BFFs - I failed fostering Rex in 4 hours when Poodle climbed in his bed with him. Poodle went with when Rex went to the bridge. While I'm not totally sure Poodle knew what happened, he wasnt upset and never grieved.

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My vet talked to me about this one time, and it actually is beneficial to have the other dog there. If Mazy were to just not come home, it's likely that Max would be upset and confused for awhile. If he is there, then he is able to see her body and understand that she is gone. It's really a personal choice, but for pairs that are particularly bonded, I would advise that the other dog be present.

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I don't have specific experience with bringing the other dog when you are taking the dog to the vet to be let go, but that was one of the reasons I chose in home euthanasia for Neyla. I actually can't remember now if I crated Zuri during the actual procedure, or if he just went into the other room on his own. I think I may have crated or gated him so that he wouldn't interfere, but once she was gone I let him out to see and smell her body before they removed it so he'd understand what had happened.


They certainly had a bond, but they weren't dogs that played with each other (more played alongside each other) or cuddled, but he didn't seem to mourn her loss that much. He did lay on the bed where we did the procedure after her body was removed, but we left town the next morning so I don't know if he would have continued to do that.


Anyway, I'm not sure this is helping. I think I would want the other dog to know what happened, but I'd probably also want someone else holding the other dog so I could focus on the dog I was letting go, but wouldn't want someone else in the room with me (if I had a spouse that would be different). I will probably always choose in home euthanasia though.


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My best friend greyhound, Elliot, was Tuffy best friend and he was present at my house when we did a in home-euthanazia, along with my friend.

I do think it help him and it help me a lot too...

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I had the vet come to my house. I left it up to my other girls if they wanted to be in the same room or not. They are very social so to have someone else in the house they normally would have stayed in the living room.

But instead they all went into separate rooms. But I think being in the same house helped.

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Dante broke his leg in the backyard. The other dogs knew something was seriously wrong, but I didn't take any of them with me to the vet. All were subdued after I returned home with an empty collar and they all grieved. When Indy was deteriorating a couple weeks later, they each gently nuzzled him when we left that day. Zoe went into a bad depression after losing her two best buds within 3 weeks.


That being said, there was no way that I could have let either of them go and have another dog with me at the time. I needed that time to compose myself enough to be able to drive home. I think Nancy should do what works best for her, personally. I needed my time, however brief, to be alone without the dogs.


I am so very sorry for Nancy, Mazy and their family. It sucks, plain and simple.


Cindy with Miss Fancypants
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It might work for your friend to take both dogs to the vet and have a tech take Max into another room during the actual euthanasia. Then, once Nancy has it together a bit, she can decide whether Max should come into the room to see Mazy's body. And Nancy will have Max to hug and cry on. (This might actually be the hardest part for Max: knowing mom is upset. But he's going to know that anyway.)


Actually, if someone can go with Nancy and both dogs, that might be the best arrangement. The friend could hang on to Max and could drive everyone home.


Having said that--that might be my ideal solution, but in fact, Sam wasn't around when his two sisters died. One died in surgery (blood clot), one was put to sleep after several days in the ER, and Sam never reacted or mourned. But if Nancy thinks Max might mourn, then it might help to have him see Mazy, but I don't think he should be in the room when she's put to sleep.

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Jane (WW's Aunt Jane from Trent Lee and Aunt M); photos to come.

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darling Sam (5.10.2000-8.8.2013), Jacey-Kasey (5.19.2003-8.22.2011), and Oreo (1997-3.30.2006)

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Can't answer. Just, hugs for your friend.

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For our first greyhound passing, We did bring the 2 housemates to the appointment -- it worked for us.

none of the dogs were nervous, and at the time of passing, the two remaining dogs were touching noses -- (in my mind) saying good bye to their friend. It was peacefull and a moment i will always cherish.


The two remaining did not grieve as much and the following week went by with minimal sad moments.


since then, all ending apts have been solitary events. and the other dogs wonder and grieve the loss of their friend.

I do make sure to verbally tell them,,, say it out loud like you would tell a human, that their friend is gone and will not be coming back. somehow they KNOW and understand --- somehow they know.... but their sadness seems less and shorter lived.

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Unfortunately Jack was present when we let Charlie pass. It was not our intent as the trip to the vet that afternoon was supposed to be a car ride and hopefully just provide some relief for Charlie (he had fluid in his chest) but when the results of the fluid were verified and we thought that we would be leaving to bring Charlie home for at least the weekend, he collapsed in my arms and at that time we made the decision. He passed in my arms in the car and Jack was right there. I believe it was traumatic for him as both Lynn and I were very unprepared for letting Charlie go that day. If it could have been different and more planned at home, then perhaps I wouldn't have minded Jack being there. Doesn't really answer the question but I do think if it's planned and everyone can keep their heads, then having the other pup witness it, is not a bad thing.

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Gus an coinnich sinn a'rithist my boys and little girl.

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Regardless of whether or not she brings Max, she really should bring another person if possible. I know from personal experience it's very difficult to compose myself enough to drive home.

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Sometimes it works to take along a blanket or small towel and have that present when the dog passes. Then bring it home for the other dogs to smell.


I iwll always do home-euthansia if I have a chance and a choice. Then there's no question in the other dog(s) minds of what happened. I'm not sure if it "helps" them not mourn, or not as much anyway, but mine have seemed less upset overall when they are present.

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When it was Macho's time, we did in-homoe euthanaisia. It was originally more for his comfort level - so we wouldn't have to get him into the car, and then to the cold vet office, and let him be where he is comfortable. It was also selfishly for us because we knew neither one of us could drive there or back. We'd be a wreck. So would anyone we would trust to drive us.


Our Shepard was the only other dog we had at the time, along with the cat. They both were in the room through the process, and I know without a doubt they respectfully helped see Macho to the Rainbow Bridge and say their own goodbyes.

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Guest SoulsMom

I took Soul and let him sniff Archie after he'd passed. Didn't really help SoulMan. He still looked for Archie that night (and for many days later) He was very adamant about wanting to go OUT. But when he got out there he just sniffed the air then layed down in the grass.

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I believe Patricia O'Connell mentions in her book to have the other animals present. I'll have to check.

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When I had multiple dogs I always took everyone to the vet's when one was going to cross the bridge. That way they knew that their brother or sister was dead & they showed signs of sadness

I was down to 1 dog when my husband died. I took that dog to the funeral parlor to see my husband.

He knew IMMEDIATELY my husband was dead & really showed signs of sadness



Caroline, Mom to Daphne (49B-50215) and Penny (41D-55779)
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I have no experience honestly but I get so upset I'm afraid my other dog would pick up on it. I at least have the ride home to try and compose myself.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

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I would not choose to have another pet there for the actual passing. We had a Labrador pass away at home, all the other pets smelled her and then we took her away. They seemed confused.

Having said that, the same Labrador went into a deep depression when her best buddy didn't come home from the vet (hemangiosarcoma surgery). It lasted until we got a new Lab puppy a few months later.

Sending special thoughts to Nancy.

Tin and Michael and Lucas, Picasso, Hero, Oasis, Galina, Neizan, Enzo, Salvo and Noor the Galgos.
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If it's possible to have it done at home, I would HIGHLY recommend that (it's a lot more $ though). If not, YES I would recommend having the other pup there, especially if it's a "planned" euthanization. I really think it's important that they see that the other one has passed, especially if they are even somewhat close, and they really do understand what is going on. The only 2 we didn't have the others around was our Remy, because of his aggression issues the other 2 were better off when he was gone, and Captain because we had only had Rainey for 5 days when we let him go and there was no bond whatsoever.


sending hugs to your friends. BTDT. :( :( :(

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i have euthanized 4 dogs at my vet. my vet is wonderful, wraps them carefully and carries them out to the car. i bury them at their favorite spot in the yard. that's generally when the surviving dog is around. i can't imagine handleing having a dog w/ me.


each dog mourns differently. willie wonka was soooo sad complete strangers asked me if he lost his best buddy. felix was confused and then i brought a really bossy foster in. he forgot the entire incident since he was scrambeling for his life! that perked him up very quickly.

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