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Something Strange On Teddi's Foot?

Guest kkaiser104

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Looks just like a histiocytoma. Especially common in younger dogs. If that's what it is it's a benign growth, will very likely regress on its own after/within a few months. Beth is just getting over one near her armpit -- it appeared in early August, got bigger in mid-September, and over recent weeks has been decreasing and is about 90% gone now. However Teddi should go to the vet for a needle biopsy/cytology to confirm that's what it is (quick and easy, done in-house). There's a lot about them you can read online, as I found out.

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Mokkah just had one of those---I took him to the vet when he caught it on something and it started to bleed. The vet said it should go away on its own, but gave me cortisone cream to apply 2x/day to speed up the process. Within 2 days it was nearly gone.

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