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Frightened Of Stairs

Guest jennis

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Hello everyone I am new to both this site and greyhounds. We collected her fom her racing kennels 36 hours ago. We are definetely in the honeymoon phase she has been amazing. During her first day she showed signs of stress but seemed to cope well. Our stumbling block is the stairs. We started by trying to take her up on a lead. We have tried walking her up one leg at a time with two people, she became so distressed she seemed about to collapse. We tried placing treats on each step. Sitting on the stairs and encouraging her to come as she will follow all around house except for the scary stairs. This morning I sat on the stairs and put her breakfast bowl there moving it one step higher until we got to 4th one, lots of praise and petting. Thought I would try all meals there to encorage her to see the stairs as a positive place. On our next walk we are going to look for outdoor steps to practice going up and down. I think its the sheer quantity of stairs as she will pop up and down the 2 backdoor steps. So hoping to find a few more to practice on. I dont want to scare this dog, she is loving and generally laid back. She has had no obedience training and doesnt know even the basic comands. I will be taking her to training class. Thats the extent of my ideas. Does anyone have any other suggestions because at the moment have resorted to carrying her.

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