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Guest kayemgi

Hi there! I joined this forum about a year ago when we adopted our hound, Bigby. We got engaged around the same time, and while Mr. Bigs didn't get neglected, this forum and his training certainly did! We are now married and getting ready to start more seriously training Bigby, so I want to get back on here and start contributing again.


Bigby is awesome. We've had some issues, as any dog owner will, and some specific (I think) to his greyhound-ness and personality that we are still working through. But overall we marvel at what a good dog he is only a year later, especially since we did have some more serious problems in the beginning. We love love love him and hope to be feeling stable enough in the next three-ish years to maybe get him a buddy.


Bigby can sit and lay down, but only if we are holding a treat. We are planning to try and work with him so he will sit and lay down even if we don't have a (visible) treat. We also want to work on recall, and he's not great on his walks. He's a bit of a scaredy cat, so he hates going outside lest a loud noise get him by surprise. We want him to be a dog that loves to go outside, someday. He's super smart though, so I have no doubt that if my husband and I can get it together that we can teach him anything!


Glad to be back!



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