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My Grey Chewed A Glass

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Jeep, my greyhound, decided to take an empty glass of chocolate milk and lick the syrup out of the bottom. Since he couldn't reach the bottom withhis tongue, he chewed the top of the glass apart to get at it.All of a sudden I heard crunching in the other room and couldn't imagine WHAT he got into. I took the glass and the pieces and put it back together and it looked like everything was there. He had a little blood on the glass but I looked and swabbed all around his mouth and throat with my fingers and found no cuts or glass shards.I read to give him 5-7 100% cotton balls soaked in something yummy and any shards he might have swallowed should get stuck in the cotton and pass through without him being hurt,so thats what I did. He seems fine right now, so I'll just watch his poop to make sure I don't see any blood.Has anyone else ever dealt with this?

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