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Chicken, Turkey, And Duck - All Cool When Trying To Stay Single-Protei


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Betty Joan had some digestive issues last year and they seem to have generally settled out. The vet advised trying to stay simple or single source protein where possible, and Betty seems to do well with birds. She does well on chicken and turkey based foods, specifically, and seemed to do really bad on lamb, and I'm no longer sure on fish, so I'm avoiding it. Beef is mixed.


Anyways, I was looking at some Acana dog food but almost all of it is multi-animal based. But they do have 'Acana Singles' and I was given a sample bag of their Duck based kibble which looks pretty good from its ingredient list. The guy at the local dog food place who gave me the bag thought it might be too rich, but gave me the bag anyways.


Is Duck similar enough to Chicken and Turkey? "Close enough for government work" as they say? Betty gets a small mix of foods that are primarily chicken based (Pedigree Healthy Digestion canned, and Prescription Diet G/D kibble for dinner) and for breakfast she gets Purina Beneful instead of the Prescription Diet (she won't eat the PD in the morning; i counteract this with giving her pro-biotics at breakfast). I'm looking for something to replace the Beneful which is a complex beef based low-grade food that Betty loves and I don't trust (but she gets small enough amounts now that I don't mind too much, but still would like to replace). Betty gets treats and occasional special-occasion food that is Turkey based and has had no problems, and I just want to see if I can also put 'Duck' in the good protein source category. Should be good, right?


Betty "Beauty" Joan. 63B-21375. June 2003 - March 2015. Thank you pretty girl!

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