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Feeding Raw To A Toothless Hound

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I raw feed my dogs a variation of the BARF diet - no veggies. I just brought home an 11 year old with very few teeth. He has his canines and a couple incisors. No molars. He wasn't eating well on kibble. He LOVES raw. I have some pre-made ground raw, which he really enjoys and he is doing well on it. While I will keep him on that if I have to, I was wondering what other options that I might have since it is rather pricey.


I have a nice KitchenAid mixer and was wondering if I should get the meat grinder attachment, but reviews lead me to think that it wouldn't grind bones that well. I need to be able to grind chicken bones - he needs to bulk.


He snarfs tripe and any type of muscle meat, as long as it is in small pieces that he can lap up. He doesn't really like egg. I have some ground fish that we will try in another couple days.


Suggestions? TIA




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I have a small grinder that I've used for chicken bones, but that's as far as I'd take it. Most of them aren't made for grinding bones but the bigger (more expensive ones) can take more punishment. I wouldn't use the KitchenAid unless you hate it & would like a new one in a different color. :flip Can he handle chicken necks? Even if they don't have many teeth, their hard palate can often handle the smaller chicken bones. The other option is adding ground eggshell powder (1/2 tsp/lb of meat) to any ground meat. It works pretty well for firming although he'll miss out on the fun & additional nutrition in the bones.


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Guest Wasserbuffel

I have the Kitchen Aide meat grinder and have used it to grind chicken bones. It can do it, but it doesn't like to. Since I've begun making my cats' food, I bought this grinder: http://www.amazon.com/STX-TURBOFORCE-3000-SERIES-ATTACHEMENT/dp/B0012KJBR0/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1346351941&sr=8-5&keywords=meat+grinder and I have been very happy with it.

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In the long run a meat grinder (about $100) will save you $$ if you buy premade. I have heard a lot of people like the Maverick grinder although for small chicken bones maybe a lighter weight one would work. All the butchers here will actually grind up chicken backs and frames and sell them in boxes if you ask (I would have never known if I didn't ask...due to the fact that raw feeding is more popular now, many butchers do this).


As was said above, if you have access to a lot of boneless meats, you can make up your own ground mixture and just add a multivit./calcium.

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