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Gum Issues And Difficult Dentals

Guest Mom2Shiloh

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Guest Mom2Shiloh

Dancer had his right upper canine and both back upper molars out a week ago today, plus one or two small teeth on the bottom on the left side. He had it done at a practice that had all the amenities, knew the anesthesia protocols and were very careful of him-- however, his gum by the molar had receded almost back to the jaw bone and there wasn't enough skin to close easily after the tooth was removed so she had to do a skin graft. I've never run into that before -- I think the graft may be holding.. but the skin on either side of where the tooth came out is very dead looking and well, looks like it wants to slough off. We're going to have a re-check next Monday... mostly to see if the hole is still covered. That's important because we don't want food getting up in a hole into the sinuses and causing infections. I don't want him to have a repeat surgery to do another graft at least not right away.


I am giving him Traumeel (homeopathic anelgesic, anti-inflamatory and for trauma and bruising) to hopeful aid in healing.. obviously not rubbing on or cleaning in his mouth yet but I am spraying gently with a mild saline solution just to wash the food away from the area and he is still getting Clindamycin and pro-biotics and 4 tramadol a day; we had about 5 days worth of Metacam also. He's on all soft food and is taking his pills in cream cheese.


I don't know what is going to happen-- it wasn't a holistic practice so I didn't get anything herbal or homeopathic to aid in healing and regrowing new skin... I probably will need to do a consult with my new holistic vet or with Dr. Pam (my old holistic vet, but she is only in RI one day a week).... but wondered if anyone had had this type of experience with dentals.... did the dead skin slough off and did new skin regrow well. Were you using any washes or supplements to help.


Thanks ... and of course, although it isn't life threatening, good energy appreciated.

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