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New Sniffing Behavior With My Pups

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Zola and Brin have always tolerated each other but have never really gotten close. Some of that is Zola being bratty about being the first dog here--she gives me the stink-eye if she thinks I'm giving Brin too much love. Part of it is they have different likes/dislikes. Brin likes to cuddle but that irritates Zola; Zola likes to race but Brin is more of a bite-toy kind of girl.


Lately, however, they have been sniffing each other a lot. They sometimes voluntarily sit on the same couch (this is new) and they often just stand in a hallways trading sniffs. Does this mean anything I should know about? Zola is getting on in age, but as far as our last vet check (3-4 months ago), both dogs are healthy.



Missing Zola, my hero and my heart; and Brin, my baby dog, my wisp of love.

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Chances are they are fine but, you might want to do an anal gland check and maybe a urinalysis on their next vet visit.


My dogs seem (could be my imagination though) to get more sniffy when one has anal glad or a UTI both of which has been making the rounds in my house lately :blink: .

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