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Torn Carpal Pad

Guest Norzy

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Hello all!


So my pup torn his carpal pad at the dog park. The tear is weird in that it looks like the calloused part of the pad was torn off like a cap (not a slice or deep cut), revealing the pink bloody tissue underneath. This happened several days ago. When I noticed the wound, it wasn't bleeding profusely but it was bloody. I cleaned it with alcohol swabs and just let it air dry. Today, looking at it, it looks sort of healed over but re-torn because there is a new scabby-looking thing over it, but pink bloody flesh is also still visible and only partly covered by the scab. Where there is scab, it's not even attached to the underlying tissue - it is just hovering over the tissue like they were recently separated.


My question is: what should I do next? I did some research and he doesn't have any tissue to stitch back together. Should I take him to the vet or should I try to clean and bandage it myself? He doesn't seem to be in pain, didn't cry when I cleaned it the first time, and only licks it occasionally. The injured portion of the pad itself is pink and minimally oozy, but no profuse bleeding or anything.


I appreciate everyone's wisdom!



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Sounds like he tore off the outer layer of the pad. It's a fairly common injury caused by running hard, turning, or stopping short on dry ground. Not unusual to see this at lure coursing and amateur race meets. These usually heal up just fine in a week or two. Just keep it clean, although I'd suggest a disinfectant like dilute Betadine (povidone iodine - available OTC in the first aid section of pharmacies) and not alcohol which can sting and be very painful on raw tissue. Probably doesn't need a vet visit unless it looks infected - ie. swollen, hot, painful, discharge, etc.

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