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Back Problem In Ig

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This is not a good day in my house...Missy having surgery on her tail (still waiting to hear....)

NOW my Ig Flex is in bad shape. Age Unknown as he came from the pound. Has a lot of issues PRA, cataracts, sensitive tummy, deaf, did have auto-immune things in the past..lately his hind legs have been shaky. mentioned it to my vet. we decided to monitor him, his stomach gets upset so easy I wasn't thrilled with NSAIDS. Anyway. didn't want eat this morning. very hunched over. could have been his stomach. Typically when it is , he sleeps and feels better around 11-ish. Not today..slept all day, very lethargic and shaking while sleeping. I got him up and took him out side. he peed and came in and fell over. no crying, just fell over!

I took him right into the vet who examined him and said he hurt his back. (he does run around like a nut). Gave him shot of cortisone and something else ( i think muscle relaxer) sent me home with metacam to start tomorrow. While paying he was unable to stand..littlerly fell over. Tech came out he did it again. Vet came back out..said it is from pain/nerve compression. he needs to rest. the muscle relaxer will make him sleepy. I carried him from the car..he is laying here...out of it and shaking. I am terrified this is more than his back. He seems so lethargic....I am hoping this is all from the pain, though he only cried when the vet isolated areas on his spine. otherwise...just like slipping away from me..I am scared. the vet is in till 9 and I will speak with someone when(ever) they call on Missy..please keep good thoughts for my little guy.

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Maybe Flex has some added stress worrying about Missy?


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Good thoughts for Flex. I know our Rat Terrier who hurts her back every once in a while is miserable after and it takes time for her to recover. She shakes and just lays there and it's so stressful to watch her in pain. We always get her on pain meds asap.

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I left him at the vet this morning..they are doing bloods, xrays and iv solumedrol and antibiotics.

vet called: his thoracic spine and cervical spine is very bad. (i actually forgot what he said) He said the solumedrol should help him...I hope so. Still waiting on the blood work. Could there be a connection between spine and fever (104)..?

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