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Fleas. Seriously?

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So Tough has been itchy and we've not been able to figure out what's going on. Took him to the vet today and she says ... fleas! Really? We've not seen any on him, nor have we seen flea dirt, but she says the fleas are especially awful and sneaky this year due to the mild winter. She did find a couple on him, but that's happened before at the vet ... because there are often fleas at the office.


She's telling us that even dogs who are on regular flea prevention (Tough isn't because while we have issues with ticks, fleas haven't been a problem at all and Frontline no longer works on our ticks) are still coming in with flea allergy problems due to how bad it is this year. They've been suggesting using Comfortis in addition to topical treatments such as Advantage for more difficult cases.


So tell me your flea stories for this year and what you did/are doing. We're in central NC.



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We are in upstate NY. Dodger seems to have a flea allergy so if I see him start biting / itching everybody gets treated. "If" we are going to have fleas it is generally August / September. This year it was August. We didn't

see any fleas either. When I treated Cracker (red fawn) I saw two jump off him and those were the only two I actually saw.

We treated all three dogs and both cats with Advantage. My guys are not on monthly treatment either. We don't always get fleas. I washed all bedding in the house and both cars. Vacuumed really well. Nobody is scratching now but I am on alert for tape worms. If I see them we'll treat accordingly.

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Guest team_tonio

We just got our boy 6weeks ago. I frontlined as the fosters had done and within a few weeks noticed a few fleas when brushing him! My vet suggested advantix. So... we swapped. Ive only seen one flea since... hes white brindle so they're easy to spot... but I'm still nervous... ugh. Who wants fleas. Totally creepy.


My vet also says its a bad year for fleas. Id love to hear from folks who avoid topicals. Thing is... we're In new England which is tick city so we need to battle those too!

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