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Amicar For Hemangiosarcoma Bleeds

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The problem is that the body doesn't know when a hemangiosarcoma tumor is bleeding. That's one way to know it's cancer when they draw the blood from the abdomen and it doesn't clot in the tube. Nothing triggers the clotting mechanism. So I'm not so sure amicar would help.

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Guest twoskinnydogs

My Toby had a large hemangio tumor in his right rear leg, Dr. Couto said the Amicar would not stop the tumor from bleeding for the same reason MP_the4pack mentioned above. Toby was on Amicar only after surgery and it did greyt with the incision and the non cancerous bleeding. The only thing that helped with Toby's tumor was the chemo.

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Guest Fasave

I was given the same recommendation when my pup was diagnosed with hemongiosarcoma of the liver/spleen (inoperable). I think Amicar is a relatively new drug / treatment for some animal hospitals/clinics. It was presented to me as a "drug trial". I remember contacting OSU at the time and they couldn't confirm or deny if it would be a good idea. I filled the prescription and kept it on hand just in case. For whatever reason, my guy lived another year until he had a major bleed at the age of 12 and I let him go.

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