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Integrative Veterinary Medicine - A Primer

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I came across this website and thought it would be a good one to bookmark and share.


East Meets West: Integrative Veterinary Medicine


Robert J. Silver DVM, MS

Boulder's Natural Animal: An Integrative Wellness Center Boulder, CO




From the website.....


The purpose of this seminar is to provide basic information and scientific perspectives that form the basis of the principles and practices that underlie Integrative Veterinary Medicine. Clinical protocols derived from this author's 20 years practice of Integrative Veterinary Medicine are provided to help illustrate the practical application of these principles and practices. The goal for today's seminar is to provide a practical knowledge base so that practitioners can better field those questions from those clients who are interested in Integrative Veterinary Medicine. Also for those practitioners interested in getting started gaining skills in Integrative Veterinary Medicine, this seminar should provide a sound introduction, and some clinical perspectives and cases.



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