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Kennel Coat To Healthy Coat

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I'm not 100% sure this belongs in the medical forum, but I thought I'd post it here, as I know a lot of people have questions about coat quality and overall dog health as it relates to their coats.


When I got Rocko back in April of this year, he had a horrendous coat -- it was fluffy, thin, and dry. The pictures posted below show him a couple days before adoption and then today (August 2nd). His coat has been the way it is now -- perfect, shiny, and smooth -- for about a month.


I have been feeding him 4 cups of Iams mini-chunks (green bag) per day, with a 1000mg capsule of salmon oil every morning, though I discontinued the oil recently.


Even I can't believe the improvement. I posted this photo full size so people can really get an idea of the before and after. . .



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How old was he in the first picture? Looks like he still had his farm/puppy coat when he came to you.

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Wowee! What a huge difference good nutrition and grooming can make. He's beautiful.

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Guest zombrie

Wow, what a difference! What a good looking hound

I was lucky that Minerva came to me with a gorgeous silky coat, I got her 3 days after she retired (never went to an adoption group)!!

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Honestly looks like a different dog!


I actually (also) like his coat in the first picture (cosmetically) with the little spots and the fluffiness! That said, given the second pic, you can tell his coat is completely different and the 'cute' spots are probably blemishes.


My two black hounds have improved coats since their adoption as well...silky and shiny,,,but one is a darker black than the other.

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He looks just wonderful now!


Does anyone know of a good rinse / coat conditioner to help dry skin and a brittle coat? I sprung a brindle Greyhound/Lurcher boy from the local kill shelter 2 weeks ago. His skin is so dry and his hair is dull and brittle. I immediately bathed him and gave him a good canine oatmeal cream rinse. He will be leaving us once he's healed up from his neuter & dental that he will have tomorrow.


Are there any home remedies to moisturize his skin and provide some benefit until his new healthy hair coat grows in? I want to stack the odds in his favor to quickly find a home. I want him soft and hugable when G.R.A.C.E. picks him up from us and he goes into foster care / adoption. :nod

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both my greyhounds are from wheeling, too, and were both there for roughly the same time period -- they're cousins, in fact, and their lines both run though oswald cobblepot. they never raced against one another, which is too bad, as all the wheeling races are online. i would have loved to see them competing. rocko was not a very good racer, though, while tempo was a very competitive grade-a hound.


the iams proactive minichunks is a chicken-based kibble. i only started feeding it to rocko because thats what my other dog was eating, but it works well for both of them. though recently rocko has suddenly become less enthusiastic about eating eat, and really takes him time.

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