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On Pain Meds/won't Eat Or Drink...read This.

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I thought I'd share my experience with Bella and pain meds, it might help a few.


Last month Bella had a neck issue, she was put on Metacam...and at that time she stopped drinking water, completely. She drank perfectly fine before. I was worried about her not drinking, and at the time didn't link it to the Metacam. After a few days, I decided to go to the vet...we gave her pepcid, since the vet thought her stomach might hurt from the metacam, hence why she wouldn't drink. The next day after giving her pepcid, she was back to drinking water like she use to!!


So there's my tip, if your grey won't eat/drink and is on meds...try some pepcid :) (I am not a vet, this is just my experience...please don't sue me! lol)

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Metacam (meloxicam) seemed to have the lowest safety tolerance where GI issues were concerned. At least it did as of a few years ago, which is the last time I checked. Honestly, I believe that is why it's dosed in a liquid so you can be much more precise. Still, it has worked extremely well for most of my pups without any GI upset but I tend to err on the side of giving a lower dose.


Pepcid is definitely a logical thing to try. It helps many. Glad your girly was among those. Thanks for posting.

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I almost always add an acid reducer when we are giving any nsaids and antibiotics. It just seems to help keep their tums from hurting due to the meds.

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