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Swollen Dew Toe

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Yesterday I brought Sailor to play with a bunch of dogs. He did a lot of running and playing. When w got home I noticed blood in the floor and him licking his paw. He tore the webbing between 2 toes. I cleaned him up and put a boot on him. I took the boot off him today ans went top put a sock on him and he cried when I touched his dew claw. The whole toe looks a little swollen and he keeps licking it. I plan on bringing him to the vet tomorrow if hes still in pain. I did put vet tape around the area so it wouldn't get bumped around and he took it off. Is it possible to break that toe? The nail looks fine.

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Ow & yuck! I'd say it's possible that he broke or dislocated something but not sure how common that is. If that dew claw got caught on something the pulling force could certainly do some damage. Whatever it is I hope it heals quickly.


Hey, Sailor. No more vet wrap. It's just empty calories that will settle on your waistline... until someone makes you cough up the goods.

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Ok, pretty sure the damn toe is broken. We've been to the vet 3 times now for it and go back on sat. Hes on antibiotics and pain meds. The vet wrapped him up and he is muzzled 24/7 for now. How long should this take to heal? He is absolutely in pain. My vet mentioned amputation, but wants to see if it will heal first which I agree with.

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