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Happy Tail

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Any advice on how to deal with happy tail? Truman's tail is so long and it swings in a full 360 degree circle when he's excited. Recently, he's gotten a cut on it from hitting it into something. Now, it keeps breaking open when he wags his tail. When this happens, I'm cleaning blood spatter from the walls, floor, pretty much everywhere. Any help is appreciated.

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Here's a bandaging link to Grassmere Animal Hospital: http://www.grassmere...l_bandaging.htm


I've done it and it worked! I even demonstrated it to Summer's vet and she was quite pleased. I put vet wrap over it and wound it up for a bit farther just because I preferred the look of it, finishing off the top edge of the vet wrap with more tape.

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Guest team_tonio

I thought this was the strangest topic... and then it happened to me! Its just a small cut and not vet worthy but cant exactly heal when its whipping around at 50 mph knocking into everything! I found the self stick gauze to be my saving grace. The other bandages just flew off whenever he got excited... and it had taken me so long to get them jusssst right! ;) I did it almost exactly the same just wrapped it in the self stick gauze and went higher up on the tail. :)

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Guest zombrie

Take old fashioned foam hair curler. Take plastic out of the middle and throw it away. Use the foam curler on the tail over non stick small teflon pad.

I did something similar for Minerva.

Minerva had a horrible case of happy tail, to the point where the vet told me it needed to be amputated. Her tail did not stop bleeding for almost 2 months because she kept getting the wrap off and whacking it open... and then she got infections from her tail being wrapped all the time so her hair and skin were literally falling off. I gave it one last shot and if it didn't work, I would make an appointment for amputation. I just cut a small piece of pipe insulation and taped it to her tail. 2 weeks later it was completely healed :) The pipe insulation gave it protection, at the same time letting it breathe, and it was light weight so she wasn't wagging it off!

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