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Hook In House?

Guest DeniseL

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Guest DeniseL

Hi everyone!

This might be a really stupid question, but here it goes...

Our Miami came home with hook and we treated 3 days of panacur. I know that hook is resiliant so this may not have completly gotten rid of it. We are dropping off fecal samples for both pups tomorrow at the adoption group to see where we stand.

Now, he has been in his crate while we are at work, but he is really getting the hand of the potty training and we would like to begin leaving him out while we are gone. He has no other signs of seperation anxiety.

But I am concerned: If he does have an accident in the house (poop) can the hook live inside and possibly infect Thyme (our other hound) or us? We have hardwood and area rugs and I don't want to have to spray either with bleach. Will a regular cleaning solution take care of it? or is this not something I should worry about?

Thanks for any feedback :)


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The hook really can't live inside the house as it needs soil to thrive. However if your other dog comes into contact with a poop accident from the infected dog, it would be possible to become infected through paw contact then licking the paws, or being a poop eater.


Bleach is the most common cleaning solution to sanitize the surface that has been in contact with the eggs. From checking around, it looks like either Bleach or an Iodine solution are the 2 methods that work. The bigger concern is making sure that you pick up and dispose of the dog waste as soon as it hits the ground. Even then, there is a chance that some eggs may shed into the ground and live in the yard.


We have members here who will most likely provide additional info. This is about as much as i know about them, and there may be other suitable cleaning methods that I'm not aware of, and other info that they can provide.


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