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Grain Free Kibble

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I am feeding my guys Nature's Domain. I have noticed that Plummer looks like he is losing weight.

I am going to subliment his kibble with something fattening. He is almost 13, in good health though.

Has anyone experienced lose of weight on grain free?

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Guest SueG201

Yes I am feeding Natures domain for about a year, before that TOTW, i recently took my 13.5 yr old grey in for her senior vet visit and she lost ten lbs in a year, her thyroid was also almost non existent so she is on meds for that, but I need to find a food to fatten her up and at the same time not let my 6 yr old whippet get like a sausage, I have been experimenting with food, but she only likes ND with salmon. Sigh it is so frustrating trying to get a senior to eat in the first place but she is too skinny, she should be about 65 lbs, she is a big girl. I am tempted to just go and buy a bag of Green Iams and hope for the best. $$$$ is an issue

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Just a thought, but many dogs lose weight when carbs are removed from their diet and protein is increased. My old dog lost quite a bit of weight (in a good way) when she was switched from a kibble based diet to a raw one. I didn't expect it because I would have thought that more meat meant more fat and protein. I know my vet always recommends the "catkins" or high protein low carb diet to help overweight cats as well. If the weight loss is not the healthy kind though, you may want to think of switching foods. Maybe he isn't digesting or processing the ingredients well.

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