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Introducing Dr. Christine Kellogg At Osu

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Official Announcement:


The OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Program welcomed Dr. Christine Kellogg, a 2003 OSU Graduate with vast experience in Greyhound medicine, surgery, and dental care, last month.


We now have a Greyhound dental clinic (Tuesdays), and will start Greyhound Medicine clinics (Monday and Wednesday), and Greyhound wellness clinics (Thursday and Friday) by July 16th, so Greyhounds will be seen every weekday. Contact us at (614)292-3551, and ask to be seen by the Greyhound Health & Wellness Program! Any problems - drop us a note at greyosu@osu.edu.


More info (from me):


Dr. Kellogg is a new staff member and new assistant professor at OSU. She will be taking over the GHWP duties from Dr. Lili Marin. Dr. Marin has finished her Phd and has elected to return home to Colombia. The Greyhound Health and Wellness Program will continue to have access to oncology and hematology specialists along with the rest of the OSU Vet Hospital specialists. Dr. Couto remains as head of oncology, hematology, and greyhound medicine.


To request an email/phone consult, you will still use the online consultation request form:





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