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Capstar For Fleas

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I've never heard of it until today when a friend mentioned that she uses it for her dogs to give them immediate relief from fleas. From what I've read via my research on line, it appears to be safe, but we know that not all meds are safe for Greyhounds. Does anybody use it? If so, were there negative side effects?

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Very safe. Can be used on puppies too young for other flea prevention. Most rescue groups wind up using it, and a number of animal hospitals will use it on incoming patients who can't be bathed or have a flea spray because of health issues. You use it for immediate relief, but it's not a preventative.


The thing to note: it's fleas only. Won't help with ticks.

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Thanks for the info!! I don't have a big problem with fleas right now, but where there is one, there are 100. I've done the usual cleaning, vacuuming, washing, laundry and she's on Advantix II. I also bought a natural spray today that has a pleasant odor because of the cinnamon in it, but the summer has only begun. I want to have as much in the house to battle the damn things as possible.


Again, thanks for the quick input.

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When I got Lady off of Craig's List she was full of fleas. The vet gave her a capstar and started her on monthly heart worm/flea meds the next day. She only weighed about 55# then. Actually, I keep it in my backpack along with a spare leash and canned (pop top) dog food. Never know when I will see a loose dog around here.

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I use it on any emergency pick up that I do. Fleas start dying within minutes. It's not long-acting and so would not be good for a monthly thing.


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Along with Program (monthly flea 'birth control' pill) Capstar is my preferred method of flea control. :)


We've been using this combination for about ten years now and it works extremely well for us. We've never had a big flea problem - any time I take a dog to the vet with itching or dandruff they always check for fleas and never find any evidence - and though they do pick them up from time to time, a dose of Capstar, or at the most two doses on consecutive days, fixes the problem.


If they go into kennels, I give them one either in the car or on the way home.


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