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If You Can Spare A Good Thought For Nube.it's Osteo.xrays

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my big, black boy started limping (badly, his right front leg) last Sunday :( we took him to the vet that afternoon and the vet opted to try Rimadyl first (he actually was on Tramadol until Thursday morning, since we give a 1/2 baby aspirin daily [per Dr. Couto's advice] and we had to stop that, and it had to get out of his system) as he prefers to sedate for this kind of x-ray -- he said just a "twilight" -- and as much as I hate to have to do that, he got SO beat up when we were in Florida last November when he started limping (same leg!). He does NOT like to lay on his belly and they had to get him like that for one of the x-rays -- so he got super beat up, all bruised and he shook horribly every time we took him ANYWHERE (and that just recently stopped).


he seemed to be MUCH better by Tuesday, almost no limp at all -- but as of yesterday, it's back, and today it's even worse :( I know I don't have to tell you guys how worrysome a limp is with these guys :( He's only 10 1/2 and to me, that's still young.


so if you can spare a good thought or prayer for Nubes, he sure could use it. If it doesn't get better by like Wednesday we're going to have to do the x-ray....and I'm terrified of what they might find.


thanks :(



quick update 7/1:


the limp was so bad we put him back on the Tramadol yesterday (called and the vet ok'd, he never said to keep him on that once we started the Rimadyl, and at that point, he was doing much better so we didn't think to keep him on it) and today (knock on wood) it doesn't seem as pronounced, so it's a bit better? My fear is that the Tramadol is just masking the issue and the Rimadyl really isn't doing anything at this point. Our regular vet is out of town now so hopefully he won't take another turn for the worse and we'd have to see another. I would think they could do SOME x-rays without having to sedate, it was just the one where he had to be splayed out on his belly that was so hard for him. I don't know.


thanks so much for the prayers, I sure hope they work. :(


quick update 7/4 :)


hi guys! I can't thank everyone enough for the continued prayers! Nube is holding his own -- he's still the same, limp is still there -- better at times, worse at others, but still there. The Tramadol is what I'm thinking is doing anything (which is not what I'd like, I'd like the Rimadyl to "fix" the issue!). He went to his monthly chiro adjustment yesterday and she felt an "egg-shaped" lump in one of the muscles of his shoulder, so not sure if that's good or bad :( he's been ok enough to not run to the vet for the x-rays and hopefully he keeps improving so he doesn't need them.


your prayers are working and it makes my heart so glad that so many care about my sweet boy -- he's my baby boy :kiss2 and I love him more than myself.


hugs to everyone and their puppers. :bighug


update 7/6:


the limp is getting worse instead of better. He was doing a little better up until yesterday, he's back to limping very prounced now. :( He went to his usual chiro appt on Tuesday and she said "only finding is egg-shaped knot in distal supraspinalus muscle just above shoulder joint" so not sure what that means. She wrote it down so we know what to tell the vet. :(


he's done with the (2 week) Rimadyl this coming Wednesday, I think if it was going to work we'd be seeing an improvement by now? My poor boy. He never yipes or anything, he is one tough guy but it's killing me to see him limping :(





we are devestated. We will send the x-rays to Dr. Couto.


our hearts are breaking. I don't know how much time he has left. I don't want him to fracture it and be in more pain.

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:( Lots and lots of prayers for your boy.

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Prayers for Nube.


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All good wishes for your Nube from here. I know how worried you must be, so sending good, peaceful thoughts for you as well.

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I'm terrified of limps, too. :( Sending loving energy to your baby boy and positive thoughts. :hope

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Kim, I am so sorry. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your sweet boy.

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With loving memorials to K.C., Barko and Major Turn -- all playing at the bridge.

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