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Greyhound Mom To Be.

Guest Symphony7

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Guest Symphony7

Hi! New to the forum, been lurking for a little while.


Our story, I've been wanting a Greyhound since I was 11. My parents didn't like big dogs so it never happened. Two years ago I lost my beloved Sheltie, Cortland to cancer. After that, my mom wanted to get another dog for our Yorkie (Kaze, who, btw couldn't have cared less that she was now an only dog). So, one thing led to another and we ended up on the waiting list for a Bedlington Terrier puppy (Desmond), which was supposed to be my mom's dog. Got engaged, bought a house, and took the VERY intense Bedlington with us as he is just way too much for my mom's busy work schedule (he runs two miles every morning and pulls US). So the duo is now split up, Kaze and Desmond. Kaze's happy as a clam, she never liked Desmond much. But Desmond has never been alone and I never liked keeping single dogs. My fiancee and I were planning on getting our Greyhound next year after we got married but have decided to bump in up to this year, to avoid Des being alone for an entire year.


I am so excited! I have been mentally filling out that adoption form since I was in middle school, can't wait to actually send it in. We've decided on our adoption group, and will be applying in September-October time frame after vacation to hopefully have our new hound before the holidays!


It's funny, as much reading as I did on Greyhounds over the years, I definitely missed some big information until I started doing some serious research on health/training/etc. Hopefully we'll have an easy transition, nothing could be worse than raising a terrier/terror puppy. ;)


And last but not least, some pics of all my kids.









The ponies:








Nova & mom

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"he runs two miles every morning and pulls US"


this will not be your experience with they greyhound, most likely.... so may have to walk them separately for a while as the greyhound builds up endurance while still giving Desmond the excersize he needs!

Amy and Tim in Beverly, MA, with Chase and Always missing Kingsley (Drama King) and Ruby (KB's Bee Bopper).

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Guest Symphony7

Oh yes, we're getting a Grey specifically because we wanted something calmer than Des, can't do another high energy breed. Hoping to balance it out a bit, he's calmed down a lot now that he's matured, just can still be really intense on his outings, he's definitely an athletic little dog. Will be working the Grey up slowly, we had to walk Kaze separately anyways when she was living with us because she is too tiny (though she definitely tries!).

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Guest HoundWorks

Welcome! That is also why we decided to get a grey because our whippet Dexter is high energy and we really wanted an easy-going grey hoping to balance everything out. We are picking our new grey up tomorrow so we are very excited to see how they get along. Good luck with your search! It's a fun process.

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